Frequently asked questions

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What is the main idea behind TBOM?
The TBOM model is a virtual interactive platform that hosts experienced mentors, in a way that they become more accessible to mentees.
Which regions of the world is TBOM designed for?
You can subscribe as a mentor or mentee to TBOM from any part of the world. We aim to be a diverse community.
What is the core focus of TBOM Model?
TBOM presently focuses on being a mentoring platform for mentors and mentees in the field of tropical diseases research. Rather than teaching, mentorship through the TBOM platform would focus on transfer of skills and completion of actionable tasks within a short period of interaction. We also expect that these short interactive cycles could emerge into a longer-term relationship that grows beyond the platform.
Do I need to pay to use the T-BOM platform?
Users can sign up for free as a mentor, mentee, or both. You do not need to pay to sign up or connect with mentors or mentees.
How does a mentee find a mentor on TBOM?
After signing up as a mentee, use the search section on the landing page to search for your specific area of interest. You will find a list of mentors on the platform that fit your search.
How do I become a mentor on TBOM?
You can sign up on TBOM by using the sign-up link, filling the form and setting up your private dashboard. It takes only a few minutes and your abridged CV will be needed. Presently, only invited mentors can sign up.
What amount of time am I expected to commit as a mentor?
You have the freedom to determine how much time you commit to mentoring. While setting up your profile on the private dashboard, you can choose your preferred schedule (weekly/monthly) and frequency of engagement (once, twice, thrice). However, since each mentorship is expected to be unique as any relationship, mentors willing to engage with a different schedule than the options weve provided on the platform can arrange this privately with mentees as is suitable for them.
How many mentees can a mentor have at a given time?
Presently, the TBOM platform is in the pilot-test stage, and mentors can have only 2 mentees each at any given time. Once a mentor has used up these slots, no spots are available will be displayed. However, mentees may have different mentorship cycles with the same mentor. It is therefore important for prospective mentees to follow the dashboard of a mentor that fits their interest.
What are the benefits for being a mentor on TBOM?
Mentors are an essential part of the platform. We plan to reward mentors after every annual cycle of mentorship with the TBOM Gift Pack, which would contain our branded gift items like t-shirt, pen, notebook, flyers, pen drive, cap. In the future, highly rated mentors will stand the chance to be awarded mentorship grants, travel grants, invitation to regional meetings or awards, and discounted subscription or membership with our affiliated partners.
How does TBOM rate mentors?
After every mentorship cycle, mentees will have the opportunity to rate mentors on defined mentoring attributes on a scale of one to five stars. Ratings from several mentees will be aggregated to compute a mentorship index which ranges from 1-100. This index would be displayed on the dashboard of each mentor.
Who are the partners of TBOM?
TBOM is presently sponsored by the TDR Global Network. The list of partners will be updated as we enlist more partners.
When will TBOM become accessible to everyone?
TBOM is presently in its 6-month pilot-test stage between October 2022 and February 2023. We are working to ensure the platform becomes fully open and accessible to everyone starting October 2023.

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