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What is Unique about the T-Bom Model?

Enrolment ratio for students seeking research mentorship is less than 25% in southern Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, with tuition fee, entry examinations and long distances posing as major bottlenecks, limiting access of mentees to suitable mentors. The Top-Bottom Open Mentorship (T-BOM) Model seeks to eliminate barriers of access to research mentorship, promote behavioral change between mentors and mentees and establish innovative strategies of assessing and rewarding mentors.

Damilola Adeleye


I want to sincerely say thank you to the brain behind this platform.My mentorship under Dr Hammed Mogaji has been a great deal for me. Under his mentorship i have achieved so many great deal in my careers like a journal publication, opportunities to be a part of research team. I have also learnt alot on how to write research paper's, cover letter , grant writting and even been a part of teams that participated in alot of programs that was tailored towards ending NTDs. Dr Hammed,thank you.



I am glad for the opportunity of mentorship under TBOM. One of my mentors, Dr Hammed Mogaji has been a serious help, ready to help to help my research work, respond to my questions and much more open doors of research assistant work by giving opportunity to serve on the field of NTD research work. TBOM is a place to be for aspiring researchers and for mentors who want to touch lives and make life easy for others.



I have the privilege to be mentored by Dr. Hammed Mogaji and I am deeply grateful to T-BOM platform for this wonderful, life-changing opportunity. This Mentorship programme has helped to advance my career in Parasitology/Implementation Science. Dr. Hammed Mogaji is versatile, very knowledgeable and passionate with everything he does. He does everything with ease and you can’t help but wonder how he is able to do all that. He is endowed with professional competence, experience, communication and interpersonal skills. He has challenged me to put in the best and to break certain boundaries and limitations in research. Through his mentorship, I’m able to understand certain concepts better and I’m leveraging on it for better research outputs. Under his tutelage, I’m acquiring new knowledge, skills, understanding, values, preferences and research interests. Infact, I call him THE BOSS. I make bold to say that this Mentor-Mentee relationship will continue to drive the mantra of excellence in the world of research. I will continue to recommend Dr. Hammed Mogaji and T-BOM Model to anyone seeking mentorship. It will also be of immense value if this platform cuts across all institutions of higher learning.

Adekoya Seni Feyikemi


I am extremely grateful to this platform for connecting me to my mentor Dr Hammed Mogaji. Our mentor - mentee relationship has helped in the advancement of my career one of which is submitting a call for a grant. I recommend this to anyone who needs a mentor and wants to learn or advance in their various field of specialization.

Adu Oluwaseun Mercy


TESTIMONIAL I had the pleasure of being mentored by Dr. Akinola Oluwole in the area of Public health/Parasitology for six months and I can confidently say that it was an incredibly valuable experience. Dr. Akinola Oluwole my mentor is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about this field, and his guidance and expertise were instrumental in helping me develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Through our mentoring sessions, Dr. Akinola Oluwole challenged me to think critically, pushed me to ask questions, and provided me with the necessary resources to learn and grow. His patience and willingness to explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner made the learning process enjoyable and exciting. We meet at least once weekly, and during the course of our meetings, he taught me what the Geographical information system (GIS) is all about and how the time management matrix helps me get my work done on time using the 4 quadrants. I was taught how to write an abstract of a research paper in a very professional way which I presented at a conference and I was also given various assignments in this regard. I also extracted specific data from a research paper on Schistosomiasis (Summarization) of which I was given a deadline and I was able to meet up through the help of the time management matrix he taught me. During the course of the mentoring, Dr. Akinola Oluwole made me understand how SPSS is been utilized for data analysis. I learnt how to generate data, import data, compute data, code it, Analyze data, and as well interpret the outcome. Many thanks to Dr. Akinola Oluwole's guidance and mentorship, I have gained a new level of confidence in my knowledge and skills in parasitology. And many thanks to T-bom Model for this great opportunity. I highly recommend Dr. Akinola Oluwole to anyone seeking a mentor in this field. Adu Oluwaseun Mercy.

Adeleye Damilola


I am glad to be on Tbom. In the last few months, i have had a life changing opportunity through Tbom. Through my undergraduate and postgraduate study, i didnt enjoy mentoring, lecturers made research uninteresting through their many rejections and words of discouragement. I once thought to myself, that i should get my certificate and leave academics. But Tbom revived my hope and gave me the i can i do it spirit that i needed to be fine in academics. One of the best journey and decision of my life was getting mentored on this platform by Dr Hammed Mogaji. Apart from his charisma of making you believe in yourself, his support cannot be overemphasized. I have gotten the best support of my life in research through him. He picked me up from my confused word of research is not easy and made me do it even to near perfection under his tutelage. I was introduced and tutored by him on Implementation research and neglected tropical disease, and i learnt about the numerous methodologies in conducting field-based studies, both quantitative, qualitative, mixed method, and more specifically coverage evaluation surveys. I also learnt about NTDs programming including the structure, actors, and mechanisms. I have thus participated recently as an research assistant an a field manager in a study that recruited over 1000 children, across 620 houses under Dr Mogaji. This involvement broadened my skills and ability, as I was able to participate not only in the field-based research and evidence generation, but also in the writing and publication of a paper in a high impact factor journal. I have attended several dissemination meetings during the project and led the development of some critical documents on his behalf. He taught me leadership and people management. I was able to engage people both in indigenous and English speaking language. I sincerely appreciate Tbom for this great opportunities which i hope will cut across the corners of Nigeria institutions to revive the hope of students whom disposition of lecturers has killed their hope, so they can have good people like this who will make their hope alive.

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